I’m New

Welcome new friend! We believe that you didn't land on this page by accident. If you are reading this then we know that you are searching for a place where you can experience God's unconditional love and compassion for you and for your family. The Lord's City Ministries (also known as TLC Ministries) is the place for you. All throughout the Bible God shows us how he takes pleasure in using ordinary and Not-So-Perfect people to make a massive and positive impact in the lives of other people. So we have adopted this very same philosophy.
We are "the Church for Not-So-Perfect people." We are all just ordinary people who make mistake after mistake but because God loves us so much he cleans us up, picks us up, and he uses our mistakes to help us help other people. So if you're looking for a church full of perfect people, that is not us. If you're looking for a church where real, authentic, and loving people come together to study God's word with the intent to go serve, to impact, and to build up our surrounding city then we can't wait to meet you.
Dress Code: Doesn't Exist. Come causal and comfortable
What to Expect: We start the morning off at 9:45am with coffee and light refreshments. At 10am we sing a few songs to thank God for his love and kindness and then you will hear a powerful, lively, and biblically based message to encourage and to inspire you.